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In the Netherlands, the United States is represented by the US Embassy in The Hague and the US Consulate in Amsterdam. Each institution has its own tasks and responsibilities. This page provides information on which location to contact for specific matters.

For what purposes should you visit the US Embassy in The Hague?

The US Embassy in The Hague, located in Wassenaar, focuses on strengthening ties between the US and the Netherlands, promoting economic cooperation, and combating terrorism, crime, and drug trafficking. Visiting the embassy requires an appointment, and visa issuance is handled by the US Consulate in Amsterdam, not the embassy.

Address information for the American embassy (not for visa information)​:

For what purposes should you visit the US Consulate in Amsterdam?

The US Consulate Amsterdam handles consular issues and visa applications. Travelers typically use an ESTA instead of a visa, but those ineligible must apply for a visa at the consulate, where they’ll provide biometric data and attend an interview. Consular officers don’t answer visa inquiries via email or phone; check the consulate’s website for updates.

Visa application steps:

  1. Verify if ESTA is sufficient.
  2. Complete a DS-160 or DS-260 form.
  3. Schedule an appointment at the consulate.
  4. Collect the visa in Amsterdam

Address information for the American embassy (not for visa information):

Urgent issues or emergency visa requests

The American embassy and consulate general offer urgent support only for US residents, not for visa-related inquiries. Travelers needing a physical visa must follow the regular application process without priority assistance. Urgent visa questions cannot be addressed by the embassy or consulate directly. Visit the consulate’s website for visa information and application. The fastest way to obtain travel authorization for the US is by applying for an ESTA.

Please note that ESTA-Global.com is a commercial visa agency, not part of the US Embassy or Consulate, and assists travelers with obtaining an ESTA only.



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