What is the duration of an (USA) ESTA?

The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) is valid for a maximum of two years from the date it is granted, enabling EU and UK citizens to visit the USA multiple times during this period. Each visit must not exceed 90 days. Nonetheless, there are situations where the ESTA’s validity may end earlier. Regrettably, an expired ESTA cannot be prolonged or rectified, necessitating the submission of a completely new application.

What is the minimum waiting period between two trips to the USA under an ESTA?

Travelers cannot leave the United States briefly and then return solely to renew their 90-day validity period under an ESTA. However, there is no official minimum waiting period required between two trips to the USA under an ESTA. US Customs and Border Protection officers will assess each situation upon re-entry, and if they suspect that the traveler left the USA with the sole purpose of renewing their 90-day validity, the ESTA will be voided. Those who wish to travel to the USA frequently and for longer periods can apply for a visa, which is not subject to these rules.

An active ESTA is associated with one passport only.

An ESTA is irrevocably tied to the passport used to fill out the application form, meaning that traveling to the USA with a different passport requires obtaining a completely new ESTA. Once a passport has expired, the ESTA validity expires along with it. Similarly, if any of the passport information on the ESTA application was incorrectly filled out, the ESTA validity also expires.

Is your passport is about to expire? If it is it’s advisable to apply for a new passport before applying for a new ESTA. The ESTA application form requires the passport number of the new passport to be entered. Many passport offices offer expedited procedures for obtaining a new passport quickly. Similarly, an urgent application procedure is available for applying for an ESTA. These procedures are usually approved within an hour on average.

What are some other reasons why the ESTA validity may expire?

In addition to the length of stay and passport validity, there are other factors that are important to consider regarding the ESTA validity.

Incorrect or incomplete information filled in during the application process can lead to the expiration of the ESTA validity.

If the ESTA application form is filled out incorrectly or incompletely, whether intentionally or unintentionally, the application may be approved but will not be valid. The immigration service does not have access to information for every traveler worldwide and may not catch every mistake made. For example, an incorrectly entered date of birth may not result in a rejected application. The ESTA may be granted, but it will not be valid. Travelers may only discover this issue when checking in at the airport when the airline informs them that there is no valid ESTA linked to their passport information. The airline is not concerned with the fact that the document was approved based on faulty information. The only solution to this problem is to submit a completely new ESTA application.

If the information provided on the ESTA application is no longer current, the ESTA validity may expire.

If a traveler’s personal situation has changed, making the information provided in the ESTA application outdated, the ESTA validity may become invalid. The ESTA validity will instantly expire if the traveler:

  • Receives a new passport
  • Changes their first or last name
  • Changes nationality or gender
  • Relocates to another country
  • Can no longer answer all the security questions with “No”

An ESTA remains valid if the traveler:

  • Moves to a different address in the same country
  • Changes their emergency contact information
  • Changes the travel date or their address while in the USA
  • Wants to visit the USA for a different purpose*

*However, the new travel purpose must comply with the requirements for travel under an ESTA.



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